Thorston was always very helpful and quick to respond and fix or change any issues for our website. I have enjoyed working with Devinely designed and will continue to use him. More feed back on creating a better site or offering of options of design would always be appreciated to improve and make the website more attractive and user friendly.
- Mary Fortune (btcselfstorage.com) / Web Design -
When we needed to design our website, we wanted someone who would have the expertise, understanding, patience and feel that we needed to create a website appropriate for our business. Divinely Designed was recommended to us and we were 100% satisfied with the results! The final product was exactly what were trying to create, a beautiful, professional website that represented our business perfectly. I would highly recommend Divinely Designed.
- Debbie (thedragonflyranch.ca) / Web Design -
Thorsten Kemper at Divinely Designed is absolutely wonderful to work with. He was friendly, warm and approachable while bringing his own ideas to the table also affording me much creative freedom. His knowledge of the web is vast which allows his clients to benefit from the full potential of their websites. His professional manner and ethics made the whole experience divine! I would recommend Thorsten and his company Divinely Designed to anyone!
- Caroline Connolly (mudriverphotography.com) / Web Design -
Thorsten was handson, very focused to get the right brief and very helpful with any changes I requested. This is definitely just the first instance I used his services, however, I will be back for more. I cannot recommend Thorsten enought, he is professional and delivered everything beyond expectation and very fast.
- Justina Eitzinger (JE Inc) / Graphic & Logo Design -
Thorsten was very patient with all of the questions and was commited to making sure I got exactly what I asked for. He was able to create the design very quicly and was great to work with.
- Kee (Swanky Hair Extensions) / Graphic & Logo Design -
I found Thorsten to be very approachable, willing to help with a variety of questions and I would definitely recommend him to others who were seeking his services with web design.
- Penny (autosenseforgals.ca) / Web Design -